I figure the latest horn using my GramercyToolsSawHandleMakersRasp (have actually I mentioned this tool before?

I figure the latest horn using my GramercyToolsSawHandleMakersRasp (have actually I mentioned this tool before?

I fell deeply in love with this noticed as soon as I laid eyes on their truncated handle poking out from the base of a rust heap

Now I can smooth the latest area to your close place by feathering they in with 220 and 320 determination papers.

The task now’s to match colour on the old lumber towards brand-new. And also to complicate products, i’ll need boiled linseed petroleum on the whole handbag to take the actual heating and chronilogical age of the material. The BLO will darken colour with the handbag notably, and many other things so on the elderly wooden with the tote and less regarding the latest spot….so that means I have to stain the newest horn darker to suit the resulting darker walnut after oiling. Puzzled? That’s why you should invariably exercise on scraps.

Therefore, after buying a tone after some testing, here is new horn stained. You can find just how much darker truly before I oil the complete tote. Once we oil they, it will blend attractively…

This is certainly days the trickiest part of take maintenance….you can stain the new plot to complement the existing timber because it’s, but once you put a fresh complete onto it, the existing wood and newer material absorb finish in totally different ways and don’t color the exact same. So that you have to predict this differences early and color the wooden towards finished items, not during the natural.

Following BLO, we apply two applications of 1lb cut amber shellac right after which cleaning the steel dish and peanuts.

I’m extremely pleased aided by the way this noticed arrived…I’m giving their somewhere of respect back at my old saw wall surface near to my current Disston#99. ?Y™‚

The Disston puzzle…..solved.

Its come an extremely busy few weeks during the shop lately….I’ve been neck-deep in saw rehabs and sharpenings. I have some requests for saws within the last 8 weeks and I also’m just catching up today, plus I finally completed the SuperSawBench, and also tried to press in a number of sharpenings for my own personal saws, in addition to the normal rigamaroll that happens along with it all.

I have already been stealing times here and there which will make progress back at my strange original Disston #99…a noticed that I found at the final Spicer public auction. You can examine aside my https://datingranking.net/escort-directory/durham/ personal first applying for grants they right here.

I have conferred along with other saws geeks and hands appliance punditry and it appears that this will be certainly an earlier Disston #99. I found myself perplexed in the beginning given the beech handbag with a lamb’s tongue, but my personal earlier means point out that got certainly the way the originals came before they flipped to an apple handbag of much more subdued styling, as seen from the Disstonian Institute and elsewhere. Therefore, it would appear that that implies this small lady is a little of a rarity…… ?Y™‚

Anyhow, knowing she had been special driven me to feel added specific using the impending rehab…..and they took me good six-weeks of hemming and hawing to choose ideas on how to patch the handbag, which was the main focus associated with the techniques and biggest hurdle to get over.

Step one was to see an enjoyable piece of beech to perform the critical area with the handle, and that I explored high ( lowest (dad’s firewood stack) as well as in between (Josh Clark and Mike Hendershot…fellow software geeks) to find out that unique piece….which, in addition, would have to be quartersawn and accomplished by about 150 many years to complement properly. ?Y?‰

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