One particular holding which ideology are several lesbians whom attempt to perpetuate a real anti-male status

One particular holding which ideology are several lesbians whom attempt to perpetuate a real anti-male status

Clairvoyant Healing: An enthusiastic occult style of Modern age, holistic medical care between your alleged use or balancing out of data recovery opportunity compliment of contact or give moves by the practitioner along side diligent to create health. Including, with regards to soul guides to aid in wellness.

Psychokinesis: Heading power to manage path from bodily objects by the strength of your own notice by yourself, aside from the laws and regulations of sheer physics.

Psychometry: The fresh going power to discover facts about an object or an enthusiastic private pertaining to it, when you’re alongside, or in contact with, the thing.

Puranas: Hindu sacred scriptures including myths, stories, and you will historic situations; together with sometimes employed by those who work in the new Many years course.

Pyramid Fuel: The belief, usually centered on pyramidology, that ancient pyramids or perhaps the geometric model of good pyramid generates otherwise delivers occult stamina or opportunity. Character offered.

Redaction problem: A comparatively the latest part off biblical literary criticism you to attempts to infer the latest theological reason for the fresh “redactors” (unknown publishers, compilers, or revisers) that happen to be thought to keeps assisted so you’re able to write otherwise shape various books of your Bible (especially the Gospels) to their finally mode

Pyramidology: Study of the brand new Old Egyptian and you will/or Main American ids, that are said to possess secrets to undetectable esoteric knowledge or magic religious texts. Look for and additionally Pyramid Energy. Reputation readily available.

A person with alleged supernatural or paranormal energies used to obtain undetectable knowledge other than five sensory faculties (divination); otherwise, what means such as people otherwise provide

Quimby, Phineas P.: Mesmerist and you may counselor whoever metaphysical theories swayed Mary Baker Eddy (founder off Christian Technology)and you may The latest Consider or other Mind Research religions.

Radical Feminism: A keen outgrowth of your own much more average feminist movement and that desired so you can determine public opinions and rules to help you echo ladies equality and chance which have men in most regions of community. Significant feminism, not, forces for a wave to help you 100 % free on their own off male enslavement and you will exploitation. Theologically, revolutionary feminism finds out dictate when you look at the diverse spiritual living including liberal Christianity, liberation theology, deity worship, Wicca, neo-paganism, and you may Modern beliefs. The newest diversity of the way helps with common employment and encourages or even uncommon governmental and you will spiritual alliances.

Raelian Religion, New, Claude Vorilhon (an excellent.k.a great. Rael): UFO category founded by the French creator Vorilhon, exactly who states has correspondence with goodness-instance extraterrestrials known as the Elohim. E-books were: Apocalypse (a every quarter journal), The publication And therefore Tells the case, and you will Sensual Reflection. Character available.

Come to, Inc. (a good.k.good. Holyland), Bishop Luke Edwards, Meridian, MS; Emele, AL: Significant Oneness Pentecostal classification, formerly in the Pentecostal Assemblies worldwide. One another people and children improve money because of the taking place the “route” (taking place the street having weeks at once to help you obtain funds). Widely known approach is for students so you can solicit funds exterior areas under the pretense off elevating money to have abused youngsters.

Rebirthing: Modern age. Professionals rid themselves off negative karma (traumas/problems) when you are regressed back into the fresh new womb and you can reenacting brand new traumatization of its birth feel otherwise earlier births (reincarnation). To begin with hot tubs otherwise hot rooms were used but later practitioners setup “dry” rebirthing processes.

Rebirthing International, Leonard Orr: Co-writer of Rebirthing on Modern which have Sondra Ray; aided establish and you will popularize the fresh Years practice of rebirthing.

While form problem centers around discerning new literary mode and origins away from certain passages, redaction issue is targeted on employing those individuals passages to produce the message of your guide general. Redaction complaint takes on that publication under consideration is actually written playing with other supplies which were selected and you may edited to help you highlight otherwise express certain theological basics. Scholars when you look at the liberal Christianity normally suppose then that the guides one to mark for a passing fancy sources (significantly new Gospels away from Matthew, Mark, and you can Luke) have fun with those provide to convey contradictory ideas. Scholars in the evangelical Christianity was divided on if a gentle sort of redaction grievance should be lawfully used without impugning the newest inerrancy of your Bible.

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